Improving the customer experience in Industry

Improving the customer experience in Industry

Nowadays, in a globalised world, it is very important to keep our customers happy and satisfied with the product or service we provide.

A company is never the only one offering a particular product and service, but there are hundreds of companies in the market with the same characteristics, prices and uses.

Therefore, our customer’s experience is fundamental. Customer experience is the result of all interactions between a customer and our company or brand before, during and especially after purchasing a product or service.

Within this process, there are different stages involved in the customer journey, such as customer service or user experience, among others.

The customer experience is considered a fundamental factor in maintaining customer loyalty, which also influences the direct recommendation of our company to other potential consumers.

Improving the customer experience in Industry

Among all the aspects to be taken into account within the customer experience in Industry, one of them is the proximity provided to them in case of need. Within the current context of the digitalisation of industry, technology allows us to offer our customers a remote support service that guarantees communication and interaction with experts whenever and wherever they need it, without waiting.

In this way, we respond to our customers’ needs in real time, increasing their satisfaction; a satisfaction for which, in addition, they are sometimes willing to pay a little more.

Premium customer service as a differential value

Improving the customer experience in Industry through remote assistance allows us to generate new revenue, as our customers will not mind assuming a higher cost if the service we offer is differential and worthwhile (premium).

In other words, it is about taking advantage of the benefits offered by Industry 4.0 to achieve a clear differential value for us in the future.

4Remote, the remote support solution by Zerintia Technologies to improve the customer experience in Industry

4Remote by Zerintia Technologies is comprehensive solution for communication with experts, supervisors, medical specialists, validators, etc., sharing video and audio in real time with multiple tools, which, thanks to Augmented Reality, facilitate the remote support and execution of activities, with no costs or travel, and generating evidence of the completed work.