Remote Assistance

A comprehensive solution for communication with experts, supervisors, medical specialists, validators, etc., sharing video and audio in real time with multiple tools, which, thanks to Augmented Reality, facilitate the remote support and execution of activities, with no costs or travel, and generating evidence of the completed work.

Use Cases

Incidents resolution

Allows real-time communication with experts, internal or external to resolve incidents, provide advice on start-up processes or support for maintenance tasks, improving response time without the need to travel.

Occupational safety

Communication and interaction with the Occupational Safety team, to carry out verifications of working conditions, risk prevention, audits or accident investigation, generating evidence without travel.

Product validations

Remote collaborative work with customers or suppliers, for design and validation of products or verification of work done, generating evidence of the verifications made.

Customer support

Better customer experience through a support service that ensures communication and interaction with experts. Response to customer or distributor needs in real time, increasing end-user satisfaction.



Shorter response times

Reduced travel and costs

Improved traceability and monitoring of work

Generation of evidence

Remote validations

Premium customer service

Support and training

Increase in productivity

Improved quality and fewer errors

Collaborative work - knowledge sharing

Elimination of paper

Rapid response

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