your incidences faster

Improve the efficiency of maintenance works by saving costs and unnecessary travel.

With remote support you can optimize the management of your technical staff and reduce downtime.

Save costs and unnecessary travel

Connect with technicians in real time, with the best quality and maximum security on the professional market, using the latest technological advances in AI and Augmented Reality.

soporte remoto


Solution to the shortage of qualified technical staff

Improved quality of service/product and customer satisfaction

Highest call quality with the lowest bandwidth

Improved quality of service/product and customer satisfaction

Unlimited users and usage time

Reduced human error

Other advantages

Generating evidence of the work done

Creation of materials for internal training

Progress of collaborative work

Digitization of technicians

Successful case of Grupo Viscofan

Learn about how this Spanish company use the remote support tool to resolve incidents between plants.

Other remote support use cases

ORP Audits



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    Read about the experience of our
    customers with remote support:

    At its more than 40 plants worldwide, employees of Continental Automotive use remote support to connect with production line technicians from any location and remotely. In this way, they provide remote assitance using smartglasses, which has resulted in an overall increase in efficiency due to shorter response times to incidents and a large increase in knowledge sharing between teams.

    At its headquarters in Madrid, Spain, Acciona has a control centre with remote support integration, which allows immediate interaction between its expert team and technicians on construction sites around the world. In this way, Acciona performs ORP audits or safety inspections remotely, saving costly travel, as well as providing immediate assistance in the event of an accident at work.

    Centralized at its headquarters in Navarra, Spain, Viscofan has remote support as a communication tool between plants so that its technicians receive assistance from other colleagues in the calibration of their machinery. By mobile phone or tablet, Viscofan staff share knowledge with each other despite the kilometres of distance.

    The air emergency services operator uses remote support to support a team of technicians in South America on seasonal firefighting campaigns. Using smartglasses, the staff there communicates with managers at the Albacete, Spain, headquarters to receive remote support for helicopter repair work.

    A mining site is usually difficult to access, usually isolated and the team on site is often small. The Chilean company Salfacorp uses remote support via smartglasses to enable its technicians to receive remote support from experts who, for security reasons, cannot work on site.

    In the Automotive Industry, a line down for an hour means a loss of around €30,000. Ficosa, as Ford's tier 1, cannot afford long downtime, so it has remote support to connect with experts from different plants and external suppliers to solve any incident in the plant and prevent production from stopping.

    Main technical features:

    — Augmented Reality pointers, drawings and text.
    — Recording of sessions and evidence in image/video.
    — Multi-device: smartphone, tablet, smartglasses o PC.
    — Chat and voice messages with real time multilingual translation.
    — Control remoto de cámaras fijas, zoom y linterna.

    Other advantages:

    — History of sessions and evidence.
    — Mosaic view of connected video feeds.
    — Screen sharing.
    — Multi-user sessions.
    — Sessions with external users upon invitation by email.
    — Deployable on own or Zerintia servers.
    — Data security: encrypted communications.
    — Integrated with other customers’s Systems (ERP, GMAO, CRM).
    — LDAP Integration.
    — Document sharing.
    — Tag management in evidence and sessions.
    — Agenda of sessions.

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      Remote support is the remote communication between people to resolve incidents or provide assistance. Zerintia Technologies offers remote support with audio/video and Augmented Reality tools, optimizing the management of technical teams and reducing downtime, which is crucial for companies looking for efficiency and savings in costs and travel.

      Remote support increases productivity and profits, solves the shortage of qualified technical staff and improves service/product quality and customer satisfaction. It offers the highest quality on the market with the lowest bandwidth and allows unlimited users and time, making it an ideal solution for companies looking to optimize their technical and maintenance operations.

      Security in remote support is critical, and remote support guarantees encryption of all communications, with the option to be deployed on Zerintia Technologies' own or Zerintia's ISO27001 certified servers. This ensures a secure environment for remote business communication.

      Remote support is effective for troubleshooting, technical assistance and maintenance work, PRL audits, commissioning, inspections, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and offers the option of webinars for training and education. Success stories such as Continental Automotive and Acciona show how remote support improves overall efficiency and facilitates multi-location support.

      Yes, remote support requires internet connectivity and allows video calls at 720p quality and moderate bandwidth consumption, making it ideal for business environments where efficiency and quality of communication are crucial.

      Remote support is multi-device and can be used on PCs, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and smartglasses. This flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of business environments and support situations.

      Remote support works through standard browsers, but Zerintia Technologies recommends its use through applications developed for mobile devices, which improves the user experience and the efficiency of the support.

      Yes, remote support works on Mac and iPhone, which ensures its accessibility on a wide range of devices, crucial for companies with diverse hardware.

      Remote support apps are available in the shops of all major operating systems (Android, iOS), making them easy to adopt in a variety of business environments.

      In the case of remote support, each company configures the Privacy Notice according to its internal legal policy, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

      For information on remote support plans and prices, we recommend contacting the specialised team at Zerintia Technologies directly, as they offer customised solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each company.

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