Integrate employees with IT/OT systems to boost productivity to boost their productivity

4Smartworker ayuda a los supervisores a mejorar el uso de los recursos empresariales y la gestión de los equipos de trabajo.

Take advantage of IT/OT investments already done

Continue to use existing IT and OT systems in your plant and connect employees through the following tools:

Remote Support

Digital Work

Integration & Orchestration


Increased productivity

Collaborative work

Real Time Information

Generation of evidences

Reduction of incident resolution time

Reduction of human errors

Other advantages

Reduction of costs and travels

Traceability and authorship of works

Paper disposal

Better information analytics

Standardisation of processes

Knowledge sharing

Monitoring and reduction of downtime

Reduction of downtime

Do you want to connect the workers?

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    Read about the experience of our
    customers with 4Smartworker:

    At its more than 40 plants worldwide, employees of Continental Automotive use remote support to connect with production line technicians from any location and remotely. In this way, they provide remote assitance using smartglasses, which has resulted in an overall increase in efficiency due to shorter response times to incidents and a large increase in knowledge sharing between teams.

    At its headquarters in Madrid, Spain, Acciona has a control centre with remote support integration, which allows immediate interaction between its expert team and technicians on construction sites around the world. In this way, Acciona performs ORP audits or safety inspections remotely, saving costly travel, as well as providing immediate assistance in the event of an accident at work.

    Centralized at its headquarters in Navarra, Spain, Viscofan has remote support as a communication tool between plants so that its technicians receive assistance from other colleagues in the calibration of their machinery. By mobile phone or tablet, Viscofan staff share knowledge with each other despite the kilometres of distance.

    The company specialized in the production and installation of machinery and complete plants for the ceramic and food sectors mainly uses digital work to carry out maintenance and technical assistance processes.

    Its technical staff travels to its customers' homes, and through different workflows or checklists, they carry out their work

    A mining site is usually difficult to access, usually isolated and the team on site is often small. The Chilean company Salfacorp uses remote support via smartglasses to enable its technicians to receive remote support from experts who, for security reasons, cannot work on site.

    In the Automotive Industry, a line down for an hour means a loss of around €30,000. Ficosa, as Ford's tier 1, cannot afford long downtime, so it has remote support to connect with experts from different plants and external suppliers to solve any incident in the plant and prevent production from stopping.

    Main technical features:

    — Augmented Reality pointers, drawings and text.
    — Multi-device: smartphone, tablet, smartglasses or PC.
    — Chat and voice messaging with real-time multilingual translation.
    — Photos and videos to help employees.
    — Planning of processes to be executed.
    — Execution of offline processes.
    — Visualisation of alerts in a Digital Twin.
    — Configuration of rules without the need for programming knowledge.

    Other advantages:

    — Session history and evidence.
    — Deployable on own or Zerintia servers.
    — Data security: encrypted communications.
    — Can be integrated with client ERP, CMMS, CRM systems.
    — Identification by corporate user (SSO integration).
    — Assignment of processes to ISA95 elements.

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      The Connected Employee is a worker who is provided with all the information around him or her, be it from IT systems, OT systems or other employees, to carry out his or her work as efficiently and securely as possible. The Connected Employee is the paradigm of Human Centric, where the employee is the central axis of industrial operations..

      The Connected Employee solution saves time and travel costs for employees and reduces the number of errors in the execution of jobs, while generating evidence of these errors. In addition, in global terms, the Connected Employee carries out his or her duties in a way that has a direct impact on the company's productivity, increasing it, while also improving collaborative work and the use of up-to-date information in real time.

      Security for the Connected Employee is paramount, and the solution guarantees encryption of all communications, with the option to be deployed on Zerintia Technologies' own or Zerintia's ISO27001 certified servers. This ensures a secure environment.

      The Connected Employee solution is effective for troubleshooting, technical support and maintenance work, commissioning, inspections, factory acceptance testing (FAT), condition-based preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, monitoring and integration, and offers the option of webinars for education and training. 

      Yes, the Connected Employee solution requires Internet connectivity and its remote support tool enables 720p quality video calls with moderate bandwidth consumption, making it ideal for business environments where efficiency and quality of communication are crucial.

      The Connected Employee solution is multi-device and can be used on PCs, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and smartglasses. This flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of business environments.

      The Connected Employee solution works through standard browsers, but Zerintia Technologies recommends its use through applications developed for mobile devices, which improves user experience and efficiency.

      Yes, the Connected Employee solution works on Mac and iPhone, ensuring accessibility across a wide range of devices, crucial for businesses with diverse hardware.

      Para obtener información sobre los planes y precios de la solución de Empleado Conectado, se recomienda contactar directamente con el equipo especializado de Zerintia Technologies, ya que ofrecen soluciones personalizadas que se adaptan a las necesidades específicas de cada empresa.

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