At Zerintia Technologies we have our own technological architecture that allows us to design specific end-to-end solutions for your company.

From initial consultancy to deployment.

What is our technological architecture like?

Maximum security

Robust, trusted by large multinational companies and audited by third parties.


Adaptable to new technological advances, such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality or Big Data, among others.

Cloud & Standalone

Deployable on any of the market's leading cloud platforms or on the client's own servers.

Integrable with your systems

Can be integrated with the client's systems (ERP, LDAP, MES, CMMS, etc.).

IoT Ready

Ready to integrate with devices, wearables, sensors, machinery, robotics, location systems, drones, etc...

Hardware agnostic

Ready to be used with current and future wearable devices without affecting the rest of the solution.

Future Technology

Based on innovative standards and platforms, of recognised prestige and with a long future.

High Scalability

Prepared to support high scalability thanks to its high performance and processing capacity.

Other solutions for
Industry 5.0

4 Smartworker

Remote Support

4 Smartworker

Digital Work

4 Smartworker

Integration & Orchestration

4 Aftersales

Connected Customer

4 Manufacturing

Connected Factory

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