Generate new revenues with your machinery

4Aftersales is a solution for machinery manufacturers and distributors to offer their customers new services, while reducing their maintenance costs and generating new direct or indirect revenue.

Your equipment with complementary services with rapid deployment and impact.

The growth model of the leaders in industrial manufacturing.

Connected Customer

4Aftersales allows you to accompany your customers and anticipate their needs, make offers for spare parts and other products, while avoiding the replacement of your machinery by other manufacturers.


Remote support

Get in touch with customers from any device, with Augmented Reality tools, and save costs and unnecessary travel to resolve their incidents faster.

Digital step-by-step instructions

Offer your customers product processes with step-by-step digital instructions, giving them autonomy in the execution of their maintenance or quality work and allowing them to reduce time and errors.

Machinery management

Facilitate your customers the access to their inventory of purchased machinery and associated technical documentation.


Information regarding the status of your orders.


Offer your customers your complete catalogue with access to interactive exploded views, the ability to reorder machinery and purchase spare parts online. Create barriers to entry for your competitors.

Information channel

Keep your customers connected by offering them a news channel and sending news about your company.

Add monitoring of your machinery:

Automate incident detection in real time from pre-configured rules.

Generate condition-based preventive maintenance orders.

Get analytics to help you improve your machinery.

Read about the experience of our
customers with 4Aftersales:

The machinery manufacturer specialising in the automation of industrial processes offers its customers services through 4Aftersales, with the aim of improving the efficiency of their production lines and obtaining better economic results.

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      Equipment as a service is a business model that allows machinery manufacturers and distributors to offer additional services, reducing maintenance costs and generating new revenue. Zerintia's 4AfterSales represents this model, providing a comprehensive approach that boosts efficiency and growth in industrial manufacturing. 

      With 4AfterSales, services such as remote support with augmented reality, digital step-by-step instructions, machine management, access to interactive catalogues, and information channels can be offered to keep the customer connected. These services enhance after-sales service, predictive maintenance and the connected customer experience. 

      4AfterSales services solve problems such as lack of direct customer contact, high travel costs, and customer churn by offering improved after-sales service and maintaining an ongoing relationship with the customer.

      4AfterSales services are accessible from multiple devices such as PC, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and smartglasses, which facilitates remote maintenance and continuous interaction with the customer.

      It depends on the device used. On PCs, 4AfterSales operates through browsers, while on other devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is necessary to install specific applications. 

      Yes, 4AfterSales is compatible with Mac and iPhone devices, which ensures greater accessibility and convenience for remote maintenance and machine management. 

      4AfterSales is available in the app shops of all major operating systems, such as Android and iOS, making it easy to deploy and use on different devices.

      In the case of 4AfterSales, the configuration of the Privacy Notice depends on each company that purchases the solution, allowing customisation according to its internal legal policy. 

      For specific information on 4AfterSales plans and pricing, it is advisable to contact Zerintia Technologies' dedicated team directly. This solution offers customisation to meet the specific needs of machinery manufacturers and distributors. 

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