integration and orchestration

Reduce downtimes with automated plant coordination

Provide your employees with real-time data to improve the efficiency of workflows in case of incidents or support requests.

Integrate IoT data from your machinery, employees or your own systems into a single platform and easily configure rules and response actions.

Connect and monetarize your machinery

The integration and orchestration allow the connection of machines through different industrial protocols to monetize their operation and achieve optimal performance.

Configure fault alerts, scheduled machine overhauls and notifications to technicians based on proximity to the plant, experience, or position.


Automation of preventive and corrective maintenance based on conditions

Improved OEE

Monitoring of cadences and queues in production lines

Supply of materials to production

Physical or virtual buttons to orchestrate actions or workflows

Real time information

Other advantages

Increased quality and reduced errors

Integration of alert systems and orchestration of Connected Employee

Improved customer service and support

Tracking and control of resources and assets

Other use cases of integration and orchestration




After-sale service

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your plant's workflows?

Zerintia is your technological partner for the implementation of your industrial digitalization plan.

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    Read about the experience of our
    customers with integration and orchestration:

    As with 4Remote and 4Process, Continental Automotive has 4Action in more than 40 plants worldwide, enabling line managers, primarily, to receive notifications on their smartwatch in the event of a shutdown, breakdown or other problem. Previously, these employees needed to be continuously attentive to the andom systems and other end-of-line displays.

    The company has 4Action integrated with its own production monitoring system, allowing it to apply configurable rules that trigger actions involving employees, machinery, and other systems.

    Main features:

    — Display of alerts on a Digital Twin.
    — Multi-device: smartphone, tablet, smartglasses or PC.
    — Configuration of rules without programming knowledge.
    — Integration with IT & OT data.
    — Assignment of tasks by roles.

    Other features:

    — Deployable on own or Zerintia servers.
    — Data security: encrypted communications.
    — Integrated with other customers’s Systems (ERP, GMAO, CRM).
    — LDAP Integration.
    — Assignment of processes to ISA95 protocol.

    our specialized team:

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      An IoT Platform is an advanced technological solution that integrates and processes data from Internet-connected devices. Zerintia's 4Action excels in this area, providing automated and efficient coordination in industrial plants, crucial for industrial digitalisation and the drive towards Industry 5.0. 

      The advantages of an IoT Platform such as 4Action include improving productivity and quality, thanks to its ability to connect and monitor machinery in real time, and automate preventive and corrective maintenance, contributing to the reduction of errors in the factory. 

      4Action solves critical challenges in industrial plants such as maintenance, materials management, and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) improvement. Its focus on process monitoring and automation is fundamental to improve productivity and quality in industrial environments. 

      Yes, an IoT Platform such as 4Action requires internet connectivity to function optimally, enabling real-time data integration and analysis, essential for a connected employee and industrial digitisation. 

      4Action is a multi-device IoT platform, compatible with smartphones, tablets, smartglasses, and PCs. This flexibility is crucial to ensure that all employees in an industrial plant are connected and receive real-time information, improving operational efficiency. 

      It depends on the device. On PCs, 4Action works through browsers, while mobile devices and wearables require the installation of apps. This accessibility facilitates implementation on various hardware configurations, which is essential for industrial digitisation. 

      Yes, 4Action is compatible with Mac and iPhone devices, which reinforces its versatility and ability to keep employees connected in different operating environments. 

      IoT platforms such as 4Action are available in the app shops of major operating systems such as Android and iOS, making them easily accessible and adaptable to different working environments. 

      4Action allows each company to configure its Privacy Notice according to its internal legal policy, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. This customisation is key to data security in industrial digitisation. 

      For detailed information on 4Action's plans and prices, it is recommended to contact the specialised Zerintia Technologies team directly. This platform offers customised solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each industrial plant. 

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