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The Industry 5.0 focuses on human beings and their interconnection with processes, systems and machines to achieve better results in the long term.

In Zerintia Technologies we develop other innovative solutions for application in multiple sectors of activity.


Solution for the digitization of intra-logistics, which, thanks to Augmented Reality, optimizes the preparation of orders, assembly or preparation of kits, entry, exit and classification of goods, selection of routes and location of products in the warehouse.

In addition, the solution geolocates employees/transports with real-time location for prioritization and allocation of OTs, or to integrate AGVs/employees, while allowing real-time tracking, through a console, of all information.


Integral solution to guarantee employee safety, thanks to the monitoring of variables and the configuration of alerts, which are activated in the event of an incident, emergency, or evacuation. 4Safety monitors biometric data and configures alerts that increase employee security, allowing it to be 100% anonymous.

It is also compatible with Zerintia's smart waistcoat, which incorporates sensor alerts to ensure safe working conditions and emergency alarms.

4Remote Citizen

Remote Office Solution that allows advisors from banks, energy companies or Public Administrations to attend citizens remotely whenever they need it, regardless of their age and technological knowledge.

This solution has an Augmented Reality layer, through which the personal advisor can make indications and drawings on the screen or shared documents, which helps to resolve any doubts and facilitate procedures.

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