advantages of remote support

10 advantages of remote support

The health situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic changed many of our life habits. Behaviors that we had to modify very quickly that impacted our day to day.

Many of these changes also directly affected the way in which we carried out our professional activity, especially in certain sectors where the work tools are a PC and an Internet connection.

It was in this kind of jobs where video calls became something recurrent, replacing the previous presential meetings, unnecessary sometimes.

If we refer to other different activities, we realize that remote communication allows us to carry them out without having to travel, thus optimizing our time and improving our efficiency. Of course, in order to be able to carry them out optimally and with guarantees, this communication must be complemented with other tools, such as Augmented Reality.

Expert remote support and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows us to superimpose virtual elements on our vision of reality. For this reason, the use of solutions that combine Augmented Reality with communication between two professionals, sharing video and audio in real time, facilitate remote support and execution of activities.
Some of the main use cases of Augmented Reality in expert remote support are:

Incidents resolution
Allows real-time communication with experts, internal or external to resolve incidents, provide advice on start-up processes or support for maintenance tasks, improving response time without the need to travel.

Occupational safety
Communication and interaction with the Occupational Safety team, to carry out verifications of working conditions, risk prevention, audits or accident investigation, generating evidence without travel.

Product validations
Remote collaborative work with customers or suppliers, for design and validation of products or verification of work done, generating evidence of the verifications made.

Customer support
Better customer experience through a support service that ensures communication and interaction with experts. Response to customer or distributor needs in real time, increasing end-user satisfaction.
advantages of remote support.

4Remote, Zerintia Technologies expert remote support and Augmented Reality solution

4Remote is the solution of Zerintia Technologies about expert remote support and Augmented Reality, the result of more than seven years of continuous work on its development and multiple updates.

10 advantages of remote support

The main advantages of expert remote support are:

– Productivity improvement

– Shorter response times

– Reduced travel and costs

– Improved traceability and monitoring of work

– Generation of evidence

– Remote validations

– Support and training

– Increase in productivity

– Improved quality and fewer errors

– Collaborative work – knowledge sharing