Remote support for maintenance

SERVEO: Remote support for maintenance

Serveo is an international benchmark company in the design, maintenance, operation and comprehensive management of public and private transport, energy, health and industry infrastructures, and in the provision of facility management services.

Within its broad portfolio of services, Serveo has included remote support for maintenance teams to offer its clients the highest level of specialisation with the shortest possible response time, adding an important level of differentiation in a very competitive market and improving its cost structure at the same time.

Informes automáticos en inspecciones

4Smartworker, the Zerintia solution implemented at Serveo

With the 4Smartworker solution and Zerintia’s remote support tool, Serveo’s maintenance technicians are able to receive precise assistance from experts thanks to its various functionalities, such as Augmented Reality pointers or drawings, screen freezing, zoom or shared documents.

4Smartworker makes it possible to control the technician’s device remotely and generate image or video evidence of the work carried out. In addition, if extra support is required, the tool allows more attendees to be added to the session, with all participants seeing what the technician is broadcasting. 4Smartworker has enabled Serveo to improve its productivity levels by optimising the management of its work teams, as well as improving the quality of its end product and customer satisfaction.

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