SALFACORP: Remote support in hard-to-reach locations and connectivity

Communication between professionals in a mining operation 

Salfacorp is the largest business group in the construction sector in Chile, with a leadership that has been cultivated for more than 90 years of history. Being at the forefront of Engineering, Construction and Real Estate in Chile, the company has participated in emblematic works in the country thanks to its wide range of services for the Mining, Energy, Retail, Construction and Real Estate sectors, among others. 

The challenge of remote knowledge sharing 

Generally, a mining site is a difficult to access location, usually isolated and where the human team deployed there is usually small. Salfacorp had the need to “bring” expert knowledge to the ground, but without going there ‘in situ’. 

What solutions has Zerintia implemented at Salfacorp

Salfacorp uses the 4Smartworker solution and the Zerintia remote support tool through smartglasses so that its technicians receive remote support from experts who cannot work ‘on site’ for security reasons.

With 4Smartworker they are able to receive precise assistance thanks to its different functionalities, such as Augmented Reality pointers or drawings, screen freezing, zooming or shared documents. Remote support allows you to control the technician’s device remotely and generate image or video evidence of the work performed.

Furthermore, if extra support is needed, the tool allows you to add more attendees to the session, with all participants seeing what the technician broadcasts. Finally, and given the difficulty of connection that Salfacorp encounters in the different work locations, remote support guarantees great quality in their calls thanks to the latest technological advances that the tool has.

Zerintia, solutions for Industry 5.0

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