How to improve OEE and OLE

How to improve OEE and OLE in production?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the percentage used to measure the productive efficiency of industrial machinery and gives us the keys on how to improve productivity.

OLE (Overall Labour Effectiveness) is the industrial productivity indicator used to measure and improve the efficiency of manual processes that do not involve a machine.

Digitization of industrial operations is the answer to how to improve OEE and OLE by integrating the employee with IT and OT systems, making them a connected employee.

The planning of manufacturing orders (WO) takes into account their prioritization, the work route of each one of them, the available resources and delivery dates, so it allows knowing at all times which WO the employee must execute in order to comply with the current planning, as well as the step-by-step operations to be performed.

This seems obvious, but currently there is a large percentage of industrial companies that, even having this information, do not make it available to their employees, incurring in downtime, increased costs, extra consumption of materials, etc…

An industrial operations digitalization software allows to have information about the status of the OF and planned tasks, but it also goes much further. Knowing the incidents and stoppages that have occurred, knowing where each employee is and what they are doing, and being able to communicate with them, all in real time and from anywhere, are data that can be acquired without difficulty and that facilitate the management of priorities and workloads for production managers.

How to improve OEE and OLE in production? The connected employee with what?

The connected employee can work with tablet, smartwatch, smartphone, etc., which act as a communications HUB to receive OF/Task assignment, production alerts, detailed operations run on each workstation, etc. and also to have communication utilities such as VoIP, chat rooms or pre-configured messages by roles.

4Manufacturing from Zerintia Technologies

4Manufacturing is Zerintia Technologies end-to-end solution for the digitization of industrial operations, ensuring the effective execution of shop floor operations, optimizing performance and improving the quality of the final product.

4Manufacturing controls and manages information from the entire plant, including employees, integrated with ERP and other customer systems, to exchange information and monitor efficiency, detecting potential problems and implementing corrective measures in real time.