Employee and asset tracking in Industry

Employee and asset tracking in Industry

The current moment that the industry is living thanks to digitalization allows the traceability of employees and assets with high levels of accuracy.

RTLS technology (Real Time Location Systems) makes possible the indoor geolocation of employees and assets (static and in motion): forklifts, AGVs, goods, etc.; while GPS technology enables the outdoor geolocation of employees and assets, in this case: construction machinery, trucks, etc…

Employee and asset tracking in Industry

Geolocation data center for traceability of employees and assets in industry

Currently, there are solutions that provide a single centralized geolocation data to meet all needs in a comprehensive manner:

Asset traceability
Real-time indoor and outdoor location. Asset tracking and positioning.

Geofencing Configurator
Establish geofences or virtual perimeters to associate actions when a device enters the geofence.

Visualize asset behavior data, displaying in different colors the intensity of a variable: route identification, traffic density…

Functionalities made possible by technology
Real-time tracking console
Real-time information visualization of employees and assets, allowing for correct decision making.

Different ways to consult the information: trajectory maps, heat maps, time spent in the area, security perimeter breakage and information associated with each of the elements.

4Tracking, the Zerintia Technologies solution for the traceability of employees and assets in Industry

4Tracking is Zerintia Technologies’ IoT-based solution for the integration and management of various sources of information, indoor and outdoor geopositioning, exploiting all data in a comprehensive way.

4Tracking integrates in turn with another Zerintia module, 4aCTION, to monitor positioning data, detect location-based events and trigger actions.