Automation of operations

Automation of industrial operations

Automation of industrial operations

Currently, there are digitalisation solutions on the market that, based on data extracted from previous sensorisation and monitoring, allow the application of configurable rules (conditions) that trigger actions in response to these input events (maintenance, for example), involving employees, machinery and information systems.

The main use cases for this type of industrial operations automation systems are:

Detection of recurring events that can lead to time losses in manufacturing, triggering actions to avoid unnecessary plant stoppages and increase the operational availability of machinery. This leads to an improvement in plant OEE.

Automatic triggering of actions, in the event of certain predefined events, to improve preventive maintenance: alerts to the nearest technician, scheduled checks…


Real-time data analysis to identify deviations, generate alerts and corrections, and thus avoid significant production losses due to quality problems.

Automatic correction of actions when events are detected (entry into restricted areas, mandatory PPE, etc.) and control of safety parameters and values, which, if uncontrolled, pose a risk to workers.

4Action, the Zerintia Technologies solution for the automation of industrial operations

4Action is Zerintia Technologies‘ platform to achieve the automation of operations, as it orchestrates the data generated in the industrial plant from different sources, such as Operational Technologies (OT), Information Technologies (IT) and information related to employees, for the detection of events in real time.