Converting data into actions

A solution that integrates the data generated by different sources in the industrial plant, Operational Technologies (OT), Information Technologies (IT) and employees, to detect events in real time. Based on this data and the application of configurable rules, actions involving employees, machinery and information systems are triggered in response to these input events.

Example of use case of 4ACTION integrated with Sewio geopositioning, reducing downtime and optimizing the use of AGVs

How Zerintia's IoT platform 4ACTION works​

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CONNECTS all assets and integrates all IT, OT and employee data into one platform
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DEFINES the key events in your process that require an automatic response from the system
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Easily CONFIGURES the system responses to these events in the 4ACTION rule engine
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ANALYZES both historical and real-time data to make the correct decision​
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MANAGES, establishing priorities that optimize the work by the teams and the efficiency of the resources

Use Cases

Data into Actions


Consult an expert for your case of use of 4ACTION


Improved occupational safety

Shorter issue resolution time

Better customer service and support

Lower production costs

Monitoring and control of resources and assets

Improved productivity

Improved quality and fewer errors

Elimination of paper

Real-time information

Better information analysis

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