connected factory

Smart manufacturing
in your factory

4Manufacturing optimizes performance with the integration and automated management of information from the entire factory, including employees.

Turn your factory into a Digital Factory.

Synchronized information between departments

Avoid the use of obsolete data and reduce non-operating time, increasing your overall productive capacity. Smart manufacturing in your factory.


Improvement OEE/OLE

Reduction in document management time

Reduction in quality incidents

Improvement delivery times and customer satisfaction

Collect data, jobs, downtime, breaks, etc.

Extreme simplicity, no rejection by your staff

Successful case TMC Cancela, Best Digital Transformation SME and SME of the year at the CEPYME 2023 Awards

With 4Manufacturing, the Spanish company, leader in agricultural and forestry machinery manufacturing, achieves improved efficiency and productivity, reduces downtime and incidents and automates processes.

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    Read about the experience of our
    customers with the smart manufacturing
    of 4Manufacturing:

    The Spanish company, a leading manufacturer of agricultural and forestry machinery, with a presence in more than 50 countries, uses 4Manufacturing for the digitalization of its industrial operations. The Zerintia Technologies solution allows the company to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce downtime and incidents, and automate processes.

    TMC Cancela's operators, used in the past to enter orders and manufacturing orders manually in Excel formats. Now they use 4Manufacturing to obtain real-time traceability and analysis of processes and products.

    With 4Manufacturing, the window manufacturing company can perform full traceability of manufacturing orders. In the same way, the solution allows them to perform exhaustive quality controls, due to the high customization of windows they offer to their distributors and end customers.

    Finally, 4Manufacturing allows Hermet 10 to receive warnings and alerts when they have line cadence problems.

    Main technical features:

    — Prioritizationand Planning of OFs, OTsy OMs.
    — Management and assignment of TOs/OMs.
    — Management and assignment of OFs to employees.
    — Control of time incurred (man/machine).
    — Work route configurator.
    — Material availability planning.
    — Traceability, authorship and evidence history.
    — Traceability of employees and products.
    — Integration and capture of machine data
    — Calculation of direct and indirect costs by product..
    — Statistics and analytics OEE / OLE.

    Other features:

    — Shift and vacation configurator.
    — Intralogistics transfer order assignment.
    — Inventory management and valuation.
    — Finished product shipments.
    — Quality control configurator.
    — Quality control management.
    — 3D factory with configurable visual states.
    — Material consumption per product.
    — Real-time tracking of operations
    — Operations per production station.

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      The digitisation of industrial operations involves the integration and automated management of information across the entire plant, including employees. 4Manufacturing turns plants into digital factories, optimising performance and efficiency by digitising processes. 

      4Manufacturing addresses challenges such as the use of obsolete data, reducing non-operational time and improving the synchronisation of information between departments, which increases the overall productive capacity of industrial plants. 

      The 4Manufacturing solution is compatible with multiple devices, including PCs, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and smartglasses. This makes it easy to access information and manage operations in real time. 

      On PC, 4Manufacturing works through any browser, while on other devices it is necessary to install specific applications, ensuring the flexibility and adaptability of the solution to different work environments. 

      4Manufacturing is compatible with Mac and iPhone devices, allowing it to be used on a wide range of hardware, facilitating IT/OT integration on the factory floor.

      With 4Manufacturing, each company sets up the Privacy Notice according to its internal legal policy, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and information security.

      For detailed information on 4Manufacturing plans and pricing, it is recommended to contact Zerintia Technologies' dedicated team directly. This solution provides a customised approach to meet the specific needs of digital plants and factories. 

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