Informes automáticos en inspecciones

SACMI: Automatic report generation in technical inspections

Automatic reporting in inspections

Digitization of technical inspections

Sacmi is an Italian multinational international group that manufactures complete machines and installations for the ceramics, plastics, food and beverage, metals, packaging and advanced materials sectors. It has 70 production, distribution and service companies active in 26 countries, with a human team of more than 4,800 employees.

Technological innovation and knowledge represent a vital asset for Sacmi, which as a world leader in the supply of machines and installations for the ceramic industry requires digital solutions that ensure the correct installation and maintenance of its equipment throughout the world.

The purpose of automatic reporting in inspections

Sacmi’s objective was to improve the efficiency of its technicians with the generation of automatic reports for technical inspections, as sending a large group of workers to the client’s facilities to carry out inspections and then having them generate reports in their office, by hand, is not the most recommendable in terms of time and cost.

Moreover, in terms of standardisation of reports, no two people write the same, no matter how much they carry out the same inspection.

4Smartworker, the Zerintia solution implemented at Sacmi

4Smartworker solution and Digital Work tool has allowed Sacmi to have a system where inspection data is automatically collected, processed and formatted into a report.

Using tablets, your technicians collect inspection data that includes relevant information such as inspection date, location, equipment details, images, measurements and observations. This compilation is done through digital instructions in workflow or checklist format, which greatly facilitates the process. Zerintia

Technologies’ Digital Work tool helps them store this collected inspection data in their own database. Once stored, the tool structures them in a format previously chosen by Sacmi based on templates, easily designed to accommodate the relevant information collected during inspections.

Finally, once the reports have been reviewed and approved, the Zerintia Technologies tool also allows Sacmi to automate the process of sending to the customer, so that it has all the information related to the inspection carried out.

In this way, Sacmi has optimized the work of its displaced technicians, saving time and costs in the generation of automatic reports in technical inspections, while at the same time it has homogenized and standardized them.

Zerintia, solutions for Industry 5.0

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