10 benefits of remote assistance

10 benefits of remote assistance

Our living habits have not been the same since the Covid-19 pandemic. Confinement and restrictions have changed many of our ways of doing things, and our day-to-day lives have been significantly impacted.

These changes also affected the way we carried out our work, especially in sectors where the only tools needed are a computer and an Internet connection.

It was in these jobs that video calls became commonplace, replacing the previous need to travel to a meeting (sometimes unnecessarily).

For other types of professional activities, we realized that remote communication allows us to carry them out without travel, saving time and costs. However, to carry out these activities in the best possible way, this communication must be complemented with other tools, such as Augmented Reality.

Remote assistance and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows us to superimpose virtual elements on our vision of reality. Therefore, the use of solutions that combine Augmented Reality with communication between two professionals, sharing video and audio in real time, facilitates the support and execution of remote activities.

Some of the main use cases of Augmented Reality in remote expert support are:

– Incident resolution
– Remote assistance by SAT
– PRL/Quality audits
– Remote FAT
– Remote job validation

10 benefits of remote assistance

Applied to the different use cases mentioned above, the main advantages of expert remote support are:

– Reduced time to resolution of incidents.
– Improved productivity
– Improved customer service
– Evidence generation
– Reduction of travel and associated costs
– Support and training
– Improved quality and reduced errors
– Increased collaborative work
– Increased traceability and work tracking
– Remote validations

4Remote, the remote expert assistance solution from Zerintia Technologies

4Remote is Zerintia Technologies’ remote assistance solution that allows communication with experts, sharing video and audio in real time and with multiple tools that, thanks to Augmented Reality, facilitate remote product validation, without costs or displacements, and generating evidence of the work performed.