YPF: Job security for lone workers

Digitisation in occupational safety

YPF is an Argentine company engaged in the exploration, exploitation, distillation, distribution, production and marketing of electricity, gas, oil and hydrocarbon derivatives.

It is the largest oil company in the region, directly or indirectly employing more than 100,000 people across the country. It has ninety-two productive blocks distributed in basins throughout Argentina and forty-eight exploratory blocks. It is the leader in Latin America in the production of unconventional resources.

Job security for lone workers

4Safety, Zerintia’s solution implemented at YPF

YPF uses the solution 4Safety Zerintia for the anonymous monitoring of your employees via a smartwatch. On the one hand, the device is able to monitor the inactivity and pulse rate of the lone worker, and on the other hand, identify when the battery level is low or disconnected from the Internet.

Based on the pre-configuration that has been made, the device sends an alert to a central console, in addition to the communication of the GPS position (or the last valid position if it is not possible to obtain it at the time of the incident), and a specific SOS alert for accidents.

In addition, 4SAFETY can incorporate the monitoring of other employee data (temperature, etc.) or the environment (temperature, noise level, gases, etc.) by integrating other types of sensors.

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