Why integrate IT-OT systems

Why integrate IT-OT systems in Industry?

Industrial companies have multiple systems to provide solutions to different needs. These systems can be of Information Technology (IT), through which they manage product design, manufacturing orders, transport orders or maintenance orders; or of Operation Technology (OT), for the control of physical devices such as PLC, scadas, sensors, etc…

In most cases, these systems are isolated from each other and are usually managed autonomously by different professionals, ignoring the efficiency that the company can obtain from both types of systems by integrating them, usually through other technology platforms.

4Industry, the solution for integrating IT-OT systems in Industry

4Industry is a solution that integrates and orchestrates IT and OT technology, providing employees and managers with the information needed to increase efficiency and productivity.

More specifically, it is a modular solution that can be deployed not only in integration with other systems, but also on a single technology platform.

4Industry adapts to the peculiarities of each industry and department, improving manufacturing processes, maintenance, the supply chain and even customer support. In addition to IT-OT integration, 4Industry allows integration with human elements (employees) thanks to Wearables, IoT and Augmented Reality technologies.