AVINCIS: Remote support with smartglasess in emergencies 

Remote communication for medical, search and rescue, and fire emergencies 

Avincis is Europe’s largest and most important operator of Emergency Air Services, with a mission to save lives and protect communities and the environment. 

The company provides airborne emergency medical services (EMS), airborne search and rescue (SAR) operations and airborne firefighting (AFF) missions. Avincis operates globally, with home territories in Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and Finland, and operations in Chile and Mozambique. 

The company has a team of more than 2,400 professionals, including highly experienced pilots, crews and technicians who fly and maintain a fleet of more than 200 aircraft. 

The challenge of the Emergency Air Services 

Avincis had the need to offer remote support to technicians travelling from Spain to Chile to attend to fire campaigns in the South American country. The objective was to provide them with tools that would “bridge” the thousands of kilometers of distance between the technicians and the people in charge, so that they could feel the proximity.  

4Smartworker, the Zerintia solution deployed at Avincis

With the use of smartglasses, Avincis personnel deployed to Chile communicate with those in charge at the headquarters in Albacete or Alicante to receive remote support in helicopter repair tasks.

With 4Smartworker and the remote support tool you are able to receive precise assistance thanks to its different functionalities, such as Augmented Reality pointers or drawings, screen freezing, zooming or shared documents.

Remote support allows you to control the technician’s device remotely and generate image or video evidence of the work performed. Furthermore, if extra support is needed, the tool allows you to add more attendees to the session, with all participants seeing what the technician broadcasts.

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