FICOSA: Remote support to avoid production downtime 

Professional tool for communication between production plants 

Ficosa is a global automotive supplier, partner of all car manufacturers in the world, committed to innovation and present in 16 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia. 

Ficosa’s mission is to innovate, develop, manufacture, and create advanced technology solutions to improve safety, efficiency and connectivity, to create a safer and more sustainable future with values that convey the essence of the company. As a global Tier 1 supplier, Ficosa is dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced vision, safety, connectivity and efficiency systems for the automotive and mobility sectors. 

The challenge of avoiding production stops with remote support

Ficosa’s objective was to have a remote support tool that would allow it to communicate between employees at its various plants, so that they could receive support and advice in case of need.  

4Smartworker, the Zerintia solution implemented at Ficosa

In Automotive, a line stopped for an hour represents a loss of around 30,000. Ficosa, as Ford’s tier 1, cannot afford long downtimes, which is why it has 4Smartworker and the remote support tool to connect with experts from different plants and external suppliers to resolve any incident in the plant and prevent production from stopping.

With remote support, Ficosa employees are able to receive precise support thanks to Augmented Reality pointers or drawings, screen freezing, zooming or shared documents. 4Smartworker allows you to control the technician’s device remotely and generate image or video evidence of the work performed.

Furthermore, if extra support is needed, the tool allows you to add more attendees to the session, with all participants seeing what the technician broadcasts. Furthermore, another of the tool’s strong points is its real-time text and voice translator, which allows 100% reliable communication between participating people who do not speak the same language.

Zerintia, solutions for Industry 5.0

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