material availability

Find out how to plan material availability in Industry

In industry, material availability refers to the ability of companies to obtain and access the materials and resources needed for their manufacturing or production processes. It encompasses the availability, accessibility and readiness of raw materials, components, supplies and any other resource necessary for the production or operation of industrial processes.

Within the current Industry 4.0 context, material availability planning can be effectively managed with the help of technology. For example, tracking and managing materials in real time is relatively simple, receiving accurate information on stock levels, reorder points, lead times and usage patterns.

In addition, real-time tracking of materials throughout the supply chain is possible, thanks to technologies such as barcodes, RFID (radio frequency identification) or QR codes. This provides visibility into the location, status and movement of materials, enabling better planning and decision making.

But not only do you need real-time data, existing technology solutions allow you to predict future demand for materials based on historical data, market trends and customer orders. This helps to estimate the quantity and timing of materials needed.

ERP integration for material availability planning

Integrating inventory management with ERP enables seamless data exchange between inventory management and production planning and purchasing, providing a holistic view of material availability and requirements.

Likewise, it helps automate ordering, allowing replenishment requests to be triggered when stock levels reach predefined thresholds. This undoubtedly ensures timely replenishment of materials, minimizing the risk of stock-outs or delays.

Data analytics and collaboration platforms

Using data analytics tools to analyze historical data, identify patterns and gain insight into material consumption, lead times and supplier performance is critical. These reports and dashboards provide actionable information for effective decision making.

Collaborative or project management platforms ensure communication and coordination between the various departments involved in materials planning, including procurement, production and logistics. These platforms enable real-time information sharing, task assignment and progress tracking.

4Manufacturing, the material availability planning solution from Zerintia Technologies

4Manufacturing is Zerintia Technologies end-to-end solution that integrates with the customer’s ERP for material availability planning. In addition, it ensures the effective execution of other shop floor operations, always with the goal of optimizing throughput and improving the quality of the final product.