Human Centric in Industry

Human Centric in Industry

Human Centric Industry context focuses on the design of solutions, processes, systems and environments that prioritise the well-being, safety and productivity of the human workforce.

This approach recognises the fundamental role that humans play in the industrial sector, primarily, and aims to create work environments that support human needs and capabilities.

Key aspects of the Human Centric concept

Some key aspects of the Human Centric approach are:

– Ergonomics: ergonomically designed tools and workstations reduce physical strain on workers, increase comfort and minimise the risk of injury, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction.

– User experience: industrial interfaces and control systems are designed with the user experience in mind, being intuitive, clear and easy to use, improving efficiency.

– Training and skills development: continuous training and skills development of the workforce translates into greater efficiency and fewer errors.

– Safety: this is a priority. Safety protocols, protective equipment and machine guards are implemented to ensure a safe working environment.

– Collaborative robotics: cobots are designed to work in collaboration with humans thanks to their sensors and AI algorithms that enable safe interaction with human workers.

– Flexibility: systems are designed to accommodate different skill levels and adapt to changing production demands. This flexibility facilitates workflow management and resource allocation.

– Continuous feedback: this feedback allows organisations to identify challenges, inefficiencies or areas where improvements can be made. Continuous improvement based on employee input is a core principle.

By adopting a Human Centric approach, industrial organisations can create a work environment where employees are motivated, engaged and equipped to perform at their best. This approach not only benefits workers, but also increases productivity, improves the quality of results and creates a positive organisational culture.

Zerintia Technologies and the “Human Centric” approach

At Zerintia Technologies we have been working for years on the Connected Employee paradigm, which, in its definition, is very close to the ‘Human Centric’ concept: technology applied to Industry allows the integration and orchestration of the physical, logical and human elements of the industrial company, providing employees and managers with the necessary information to do their job better, thanks to Wearables, IoT and Augmented Reality technologies.