How to digitise quality checks

How to digitise quality checks?

Quality control consists of the implementation of processes, programmes, techniques or tools within a company, with the aim of improving the final result of the products it manufactures or the services it offers. In other words, it is about ensuring care and continuous improvement in quality in order to satisfy customers as much as possible and achieve the company’s objectives.

In terms of Industry 4.0, it is common to come across terms such as “digital transformation”, which are often ambiguous, as it is difficult to identify whether the processes carried out in a factory (including quality checks) are actually digitally “transformed”.

How to digitise quality control?

Instead of “digital transformation”, some prefer to use a much more specific term: “digitisation”. Digitisation means not having to change any existing processes, but providing digital tools to help carry them out in a more efficient and secure way, with the ROI impact that this entails.

Within the industrial environment, it is common to find Quality operators filling out paper forms to verify the good condition of a product. These documents usually have to be digitised in a tool designed for this purpose, with the time that this entails.

In addition, sometimes, the supervision of these quality checks can only be carried out with 100% confidence in the good work of the operator, but without the possibility of being able to audit them in any other way.

Evidence: who does what, when they do what and how they do what

Currently, there are solutions on the market that allow the digitisation of industrial processes, including quality checks, offering different tools for, on the one hand, the homogeneous performance of these checks, and on the other hand, to leave evidence of who, when and how it has been done, reducing any error to a minimum and allowing “control” of these quality checks.

4Process, the Zerintia Technologies solution for digitising quality checks

4Process is Zerintia Technologies’ commitment to the design and execution of all the processes of an industrial organisation (including quality checks), with step-by-step digital instructions and real-time monitoring of the active processes. All the information at the service of the connected employee when they need it.