GRUPO VISCOFAN: Efficient communication between production plants in the food industry 

Innovative solutions in the meat industry

Viscofan Group, an Ibex 35 company, is the world’s leading company in the production, manufacturing and distribution of casings and casings for the meat industry. Thanks to its extensive range of technology, and the ability of its people, Viscofan offers innovative solutions that are transforming the meat casing market.

Viscofan has casing production centers in Spain, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Serbia and Uruguay.


The challenge in the production plant of the meat industry 

Viscofan employees were faced with the need to receive assistance or supervision from colleagues in other plants. In many cases, the instructions had to be so precise that a phone call was not enough. 

4Smartworker, the Zerintia solution implemented in Viscofan

With the 4Smartworker solution and the Zerintia remote support tool, Viscofan employees are able to receive precise assistance thanks to its different functionalities, such as Augmented Reality pointers or drawings, screen freezing, zooming or shared documents. 4Smartworker allows you to control the technician’s device remotely and generate image or video evidence of the work performed.

Furthermore, if extra support is needed, the tool allows you to add more attendees to the session, with all participants seeing what the technician broadcasts. Furthermore, another of the strong points of the tool for Viscofan is its real-time text and voice translator, which allows 100% reliable communication between participating people who do not speak the same language.

4Smartworker has allowed Viscofan to improve its productivity levels by optimizing the management of its work teams, as well as improving the quality of its final product and the satisfaction of its customers.

Zerintia, solutions for Industry 5.0

Zerintia Technologies offers B2B SaaS solutions to improve the efficiency of employees and customers, providing advanced tools and services for the digitisation of their operations.

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