TMC CANCELA: Digitalization of industrial operations in a machinery manufacturing plant 

TMC is a leading Spanish company in the manufacture of agricultural, forestry and hydraulic machinery, with a presence in more than 50 countries, with an innovative spirit. TMC machines are adapted to the needs of each customer, making the manufacturing process labor intensive. 

The challenge in the digitalization of industrial operations

TMC Cancela’s objective was to find a tool for the automated organization and planning of manufacturing in the plant, as well as to have updated and synchronized information between departments. 

Another objective was also to avoid the presence of obsolete information, all in a system that would not generate rejection among the staff; simple, useful, and visually simple. 

4Manufacturing, Zerintia’s solution implemented at TMC Cancela

4Manufacturing helps TMC Cancela so that, in an automatic way, suggested through the system, each operator knows which is the task he must do at all times, his next tasks and processes or operations, while it also collects all the data of execution time, stops, breaks, etc. 

With 4Manufacturing, order management has been greatly reduced, increasing the agility in order entry, as well as providing flexibility to see the best lead times that can be given to the customer. 

The Zerintia tool allows TMC Cancela to manage the optimal times in the machine’s production phases. In addition, the integrated information facilitates real-time analysis and allows processes and products to be traced. 

The implementation of 4Manufacturing has been a very important step for TMC Cancela, making an impressive impact by reducing operating time, with a 21% reduction in non-operating time losses and a 10% increase in OEE and OLE.

Nicolás Pichel, director industrial

Zerintia, solutions for Industry 5.0

Zerintia Technologies offers B2B SaaS solutions to improve the efficiency of employees and customers, providing advanced tools and services for the digitisation of their operations.

Through our solutions we accompany you in the digitalization of your company in a progressive, flexible and adapted way to your needs.

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