AIRZONE: B2C remote support 

B2C Remote Support  

Airzone is a company that belongs to the Altra Business Corporation. Its activity is focused on the research, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative products and services for comfort and rationalization of energy consumption in a global market.

The company believes in innovation and the development of new technologies, working as a set of gears that synchronously create and develop quality products to achieve a more efficient world. 

The challenge of providing remote assistance in homes 

Airzone needed to further strengthen its customer service, as customers were encountering problems with the configuration of air conditioners and thermostats in their own homes. 

4Smartworker, the solution implemented by Zerintia at Airzone

With 4Smartworker and the Remote Support tool, Airzone can put its technicians in contact with its customers if they need help with the configuration of air conditioners, thermostats, etc.  

Airzone establishes communication between its customer and its technical support service via a smartphone and remote support tool. The customer shares the image of the system where they have a problem, so that the expert technician can see what they are seeing and can use the video to provide the necessary instructions to solve the problem, using paint or Augmented Reality pointers. 

Airzone can help its customers in any country and in any language, as the tool has a function that transcribes the voice to text and simultaneously translates any language. All interventions are recorded, ensuring maximum client traceability and allowing the recording of evidence to facilitate their review. 

Zerintia, solutions for Industry 5.0

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