Remote inspections

APPLUS+: Remote inspections

Applus+ is one of the world’s leading companies in the inspection, testing and certification sector. With a workforce of more than 25,000 employees, Applus+ operates in a wide range of sectors in more than 65 countries.

Applus+ offers a broad portfolio of solutions ranging from comprehensive asset management to the most common regulatory inspections, while maintaining a strong commitment to technological development, digitalisation and innovation.

Remote inspections

4Smartworker, the Zerintia solution implemented in Applus+

Applus+ has the 4Smartworker solution from Zerintia, and its tool for inspections, which allows the configuration, execution, recording and reporting of inspections, audits or verifications remotely. The Supervised Technician uses the camera of his smartphone, tablet or smartglass to broadcast video in real time to the expert in charge of carrying out the remote inspection, following all the indications that the latter communicates and/or shows on the screen.

Remote inspections consist of 4 steps:

1. The Expert directs the remote inspection by following and completing the checklist created for this purpose, using aids such as documents, photos, plans, videos, etc. to complete all the validations to be carried out.

2. At the same time, the expert is in communication with the supervised technician in charge of carrying out all the operations in the field, sharing information with him and making use of the augmented reality utilities on any information sent or received to direct the remote inspection.
3. The expert remotely generates all the necessary evidence to document the inspection performed.
4. The system records the traceability, authorship and evidence generated during the remote inspection, being able to generate a report or file with all the verifications carried out, results obtained, etc.

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