Remote OPR authoring around the world 

Remote support in Occupational Risk Prevention

Acciona is a Spanish company that develops and manages infrastructures and renewable energies, with a presence in 65 countries on five continents and is part of the IBEX 35. 

For Acciona, occupational risk prevention is a fundamental element and an essential requirement to guarantee the health and safety of its professionals and collaborators. 

The company works intensively on occupational risk prevention through a strategy and a specific action plan, to: 

  • Respond to legal requirements. 
  • Train, inform and raise awareness of obligations and responsibilities. 
  • Involve the entire organization in complying with the regulations.

What solutions has Zerintia implemented at Acciona?

4Remote allows Acciona to provide immediate interaction from any location between an expert and a technician who requires assistance to carry out an ORP audit, mainly, but also in the event of an accident at work or a hygiene measurement. 

4Remote makes it possible to remotely perform tasks involving an occupational safety expert and a technician at a work site, thus saving time and travel costs.  

This interaction is carried out using smartglasses or a mobile device carried by the technical team at the work centre, while the expert connects from the head office in Madrid, or from anywhere in the world.  

4Remote allows this remote assistance in site inspections, and to take evidence of possible deviations, helping in incidents detected during the connection, being able to share information with the technician during the assistance itself. 

Zerintia accompanies you in the design and implementation of your digital roadmap. 

Zerintia Technologies offers solutions for Industry 5.0 that improve the efficiency of employees and customers with the digitalization of their operations.  

Through our solutions we accompany you in the digitalization of your company in a progressive and flexible way, adapted to your needs. 

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