Comprehensive solution for the design and execution of all of an organization's processes, with digital step-by-step instructions and real-time monitoring of the active processes. All of the information is available to the connected employees when they need it.


Reduction in execution time


Improvement in efficiency


Compliance and traceability

Casos de uso

Step-by-step instructions in processes

Support employees with step-by-step instructions in the execution of processes (maintenance, quality or ORP inspections, line changes, etc.) and help in the form of video, photo, plans, etc.

Occupational risk prevention and safety

Notification, registration of conformity and traceability of mandatory PPE in certain areas or when performing certain operations. Protocols for action in Occupational Risk Prevention.

Traceability and auditing

Generation of evidence (photos, videos, audio) during the execution of processes and auditing of the work done by subcontractors and employees, including the time required, date, time and people responsible.

Collaborative and coordinated work

Collaborative work in processes that include different roles for employees who must act in a coordinated manner for the work to advance.


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