A technological solution that integrates all of the systems involved in civil works, infrastructure projects or mining operations into a single platform, to provide traceability of machinery and employees and comprehensive, digitalized management and analysis of operations.

Monitoring of the entire life cycle

Provides georeferenced information nodes and traceability of machinery and employees, with all the information related to daily production or work progress. BIM methodology.

The Connected Employee in digital projects

Offers powerful functions for connected employees, such as expert remote support, digital alerts associated with geofences or IoT data, or digital instructions for machinery maintenance.

Centralized and collaborative management

Integrates all of the agents involved in the project in a single window for centralized and collaborative management, and provides them with homogeneous information that is updated in real time.

Advanced analytics: Cost allocation

Thanks to the centralization of all of the information and the connection with other systems, work reports can be generated, along with the subsequent allocation of costs to activities.

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The connected construction

The connected employee

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