An end-to-end solution based on IoT and Augmented Reality that enables machine manufacturers to offer their customers value-added digital services that provide competitive advantages for both the supplier and the user. Equipment as a Service enables:

Improving customer experience and satisfaction

Generating new revenues based on long-term customer relationships

Accessing new markets

The Equipment-as-a-Service model requires the sensorisation of the machinery and equipment already supplied to the customer, which allows for:​

1. Monitoring of data for remote use
2. Planning of programmed services
3. Implementation, monitoring and traceability of the services

What digital services can I offer to my client?

Digitisation of machinery user manuals to avoid errors and always ensure the most up-to-date version
Training support, with interactive digital processes and communication with an expert remotely and in real time in case of doubt
Remote support from professionals and experts from the manufacturer. No waiting and saving on costs and travel time
Design of procedures to perform corrective maintenance or preventive maintenance based on conditions.
Automatic management of spare parts or consumables without waiting or paperwork
Digital services include the replacement of parts in case of error. Warranty services are perhaps the best types of after-sales service.
The 4AfterSales solution provides the customer with the possibility to access a platform where orders can be placed and offers can be received automatically
Always connected with the customer. Send/receive any kind of information, news, offers, discounts, etc.

4Action + 4Process + 4Remote = 4AfterSales

4AfterSales is the combination of three different Zerintia solutions that, when used together, enables machine manufacturers and distributors to offer value-added digital services to their customers:

Do you know about EaaS?
Unlike the classic way of machine's sales, in the EaaS model it is provided by the manufacturing company to its client in exchange for a fee. The manufacturer is responsible for maintenance, service, consumables, and replacement parts. Even availability and production can be guaranteed. The customer saves the high investment costs and also partially transfers the operational risk to the manufacturing company

In exchange, the manufacturing company values the risk and the added value for the user. For instance, the user fee can be billed monthly or even on a "pay-as-you-go" basis, that is, only based on the number of units actually produced. Manufacturing companies generate continuous income over the years and not just once when the machine is sold. Well calculated, significantly more turnover and profit can be generated.

Furthermore, this business model also promotes customer loyalty as an important asset, as regular exchanges take place. This means that the manufacturer is always close to the customer and can better meet their needs.
The solution 4AfterSales appears as an answer of this new business model.

Advantages for the manufacturer

New revenues

New business lines

Traceability an audit

Customer loyalty

Better support and service to customers

Reduction of production costs

Tracking and control of equipment​

Advantages for the costumer

Standardization of processes

Support and training

Productivity improvement

Quality improvement and decrease in errors


Real time information

Knowledge and information management

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