Improved cleanroom efficiency with automated workflow coordination

Digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important sectors in the Spanish economy. Its power is felt not only nationally, but also internationally. Spain is, in fact, the ninth largest pharmaceutical market in the world in terms of turnover. So much so that in 2022 Spain exported pharmaceutical products worth more than 28,000 million euros. According to the most recent data provided by Eurostat, more than 100 pharmaceutical manufacturers operate in Spain. 

Spain has more than 100 manufacturers of basic pharmaceutical products and 200 manufacturers of specialty pharmaceutical products dedicated to the preparation of pharmaceutical specialties. 

The challenge in the drug production plant 

One of the main challenges for multinational pharmaceutical companies is to improve cleanroom efficiency with automated workflow coordination. Cleanrooms, also called clean rooms or controlled environment rooms, are spaces that house operations or production processes that must meet strict sterility parameters to ensure the quality of such activities. However, their very dynamics require continuous interaction with the outside world, both for the entry of personnel and materials and for the exit of finished products and waste produced. The challenge, therefore, is to improve the efficiency of cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical industry by the 

The challenge, therefore, is to improve the efficiency of cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical industry through automated coordination of workflows, reducing and avoiding production downtime. 

What solutions Zerintia has implemented in the pharmaceutical industry

One of our clients needed to connect cleanroom operators with room supervisors and other team members. Thanks to 4Action’s notification configurator, the multinational pharmaceutical company can autonomously configure the different types of notifications it deems appropriate and make them available to the cleanroom operators.  

They can quickly and easily send notifications when needed via virtual buttons on tablets or physical IoT buttons. In this way, room supervisors and other team members receive the notification on their smartphone, where, thanks to the different 4Action subscriptions, they receive the notification according to their responsibility and go to the room accordingly. 

Zerintia accompanies you in the design and implementation of your digital roadmap 

Zerintia Technologies offers solutions for Industry 5.0 that improve the efficiency of employees and customers with the digitization of their operations. Through our solutions we accompany you in the digitization of your company in a progressive and flexible way, adapted to your needs. 

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