A comprehensive solution for remote and real-time patient health advice and monitoring, easy to use and ensuring continuous supervision by healthcare services, caregivers or care services and family members.

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HELPS improve patient adherence to treatment and monitoring of new habits monitors icon
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MONITORS tracking and control of key variables that are measured in real time analyzes icon
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ANALYZES results and developments, making decisions based on real data communicates icon
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COMMUNICATES with third parties to facilitate patient tracking

Easy configuration

Makes it possible to configure data of pharmacological treatment, vital signs, lifestyle habits and environment or location. Simple and easy to use.

Rapid response

Includes reminders, alerts, videos and messages to improve patient adherence to treatment and tracking of new habits.

Improves attendance

The system stays with the patient inside and outside the home, providing additional functions for a better level of care. Two-way communication at all times.


The possibility of collecting data remotely and in real time and using the results represents a significant step forward in clinical trials and new drug developments.


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