End-to-End solution for communication in hospital and assistance environments, allowing remote expert advice, remote training of professionals, telecare and tele-proctoring.

1st remote assisted surgery with 5G and Augmented Reality in the world

4 REMOTE Health solution enabled the world's first remote-assisted surgery with 5G technology and Augmented Reality.

4REMOTE Health Assitance

4REMOTE Health Hospital

4REMOTE Health Assitance

It connects professionals who work with the patient on the front line with expert professionals, in order to advise them on the challenges that arise in consultation or in an assitance visit, and to improve their training remotely.

Medical consultation with healthcare professional
Home care
Health Insurance companies
Nursing departments
Mental Health centers, rehabilitation
Nursing home

Use cases

4REMOTE Hospital

It connects medical professionals with experts, facilitating collaboration, advice and training in the hospital environment, giving inmediate response in moments where the time makes the difference: ICU, ambulances, emergency department and even operating room.

Hospitals/Clinic: operating rooms, ICU, emergency department, floor…
Med-tech Industry/Medical devices
Universities: medicine, nursing, dentistry…
Dental clinic

Use cases



Time reduction in responses

Travel and associated cost reduction

Productivity improvement

Remote checks and validations

High quality remote training without presence in critical environments (operating room, ICU ...)
Better patient’s experience​

Quality improvement and better efficiency of doctor/patient ratio

Collaborative work – knowledge sharing

Travel and associated cost reduction

Remote and real-time access to the experts and specialists needed in every moment

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