Our greatest asset is the confidence our customers have placed in us to be their technological partner in their digital transformation.
We work alongside a large number of companies in different sectors in their technological development, optimizing their processes, increasing efficiency and improving their relationship with customers, suppliers and employees.


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empresa y sociedad
Award from the Fundación Empresa y Sociedad en Industria 4.0 for Sacyr Tracking, in an open innovation model with SACYR.
colegio de ingenieros
Honorary Mention from the Madrid Association of Industrial Engineers for the most innovative SME in Industry, with the Smart Factory project.
Best Technological Project IoT/Industria 4.0, Sacyr Tracking, awarded by Interempresas at the Digital Enterprise Show, DES2019.
Award in the Leadership in Design Engineering category for Sacyr Tracking, a project for real-time monitoring of infrastructure construction with IoT.