28 November, 2022
Double trauma surgery

Hospital 12 de Octubre celebrates a double trauma surgery with 4RemoteHealth

The Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid recently held two […]
28 November, 2022
digital knee surgery

Zerintia collaborates with Hospital Fremap Majadahonda in a digital knee surgery

Zerintia Technologies recently collaborated with the FREMAP Hospital Majadahonda for […]
17 October, 2022
training for surgeons

Training for surgeons: remote connection to the operating room

Training for surgeons The academic life of a surgeon is […]
13 November, 2020
Remote Assisted Surgery thanks to 4REMOTE Health 2

Remote Assisted Surgery thanks to 4REMOTE Health

How was the retransmission of a surgery using Zerintia's technology, with multiple cameras connected in the operating room.
8 May, 2020
innovation and technology

Innovation and technology against the pandemic

Health technology is key to prevent infections, to diagnose, to provide life support and to treat COVID-19 patients. Keeping sanitary equipment operational for as long as possible is vital. Augmented Reality applied to maintenance, streamlines the response to incidents and minimizes equipment downtime
14 April, 2020
seguimiento médico de mayores

Zerintia´s telemedicine for medical monitoring of the elderly and chronically ill, during the COVID crisis.

Zerintia Technologies, together with Vodafone and the Bages University Foundation, […]
4 July, 2019
primera cirugía asistida con 5G en el mundo

The first 5G tele-assisted surgery in Asia

14 May, 2019
4REMOTE enables first Remote Assisted Surgery with 5G 4

4REMOTE enables first Remote Assisted Surgery with 5G

Zerintia develops the software that enables the first remote assisted […]
16 January, 2019
FRAIL project 6

FRAIL project

European-wide project that consists of using new technologies to offer a solution capable of advising and monitoring people in frailty.