25 September, 2023
Why use 4Remote?

Why use 4Remote? Advantages, functionalities and differences with other remote support tools

Why use 4Remote? Remote support consists of communication between two […]
23 August, 2023
technology partner

Are you looking for a technology supplier or a technology partner?

Although both a technology provider and a technology partner provide […]
22 August, 2023
technology integration

The importance of technology integration in digitalization

Technology integration plays a critical role in the success of […]
25 July, 2023
Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 and the ‘Human Centric’ approach

The European Commission, through its Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, […]
12 July, 2023
How to improve OEE and OLE

How to improve OEE and OLE in production?

How to improve OEE and OLE OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) […]
5 July, 2023
connected industry

Keys to Connected Industry

Connected Industry can be defined as “the integration of advanced […]
3 July, 2023
orchestrate workflows

How to orchestrate workflows?

orchestrate workflows A workflow consists of a sequence of steps […]
15 June, 2023

Servitization of machinery and equipment

Servitization is a business strategy that consists of offering services […]
14 June, 2023
remote hands

What are remote hands?

The term “remote hands” refers to the provision of a […]
1 June, 2023
planned works in industry

Planned works in Industry

Planned works in Industry refer to maintenance, repairs, upgrades and […]