Remote Banking Office: the solution to the closure of bank branches

4REMOTE Banking is a solution developed by Zerintia Technologies in collaboration with Vodafone Business that allows an advisor to attend remotely, personally and face-to-face with each client whenever they need it, regardless of their age and technological knowledge.

This solution, designed to facilitate usability and connectivity for the customer, is an alternative to the situation of closing bank branches that allows to ensure personalized attention in a simple way.

4Remote Banking can be implemented in different formats and in different places, such as ATMs, offices, Town Halls, etc...

In addition, this solution has an Augmented Reality layer, through which the personal advisor can make indications and drawings on the screen or shared documents, which helps to resolve any doubts and facilitate procedures.

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    Without digital gap for the older people

    4REMOTE Banking is conceived and designed to serve customers of any age and without technological knowledge and allows the customer to maintain their independence in carrying out procedures such as depositing cash, signing documents, etc... with the certainty of doing it correctly.

    Vodafone Business and Zerintia Technologies, together with the company Asseco (in charge of the totem) have already launched the first Remote Banking pilot projects with Caja Rural del Sur in Almonaster la Real (Huelva, Spain), Zuheros (Córdoba, Spain) and Villanueva of Cordoba (Cordoba, Spain).


    Advantages for the customer

    Shorter response times

    Without travels to other towns

    Face to Face attention

    Security in the realization of procedures

    Personal attention

    Advantages for the advisor

    Trazability of the procedures realized

    Generation of evidence in photo and video

    Remote signature of documents

    without digital gap

    Quick response to customers

    Other uses of 4REMOTE


    Find out the use cases of 4REMOTE for industry, that allows the communication between experts, supervisors, etc., sharing video and audio in real time with multiple tools as Augmented Reality, to facilitate the support and assitance, ensuring the work safety or Field Service

    4REMOTE Health

    Find out the use cases of Remote Assistance with Augmented Reality for Health: telemedicine, remote assistance of experts, digital surgery, training or mentoring.

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