The combination of both solutions allows the connected employee to receive support in the execution of their work through guided processes and digital instructions by communicating in real time with experts, clients or suppliers in remote .

4 REMOTE and 4 PROCESS allow validations, work with greater security, resolve incidents, receive assistance and improve customer service, without trips and in a more efficient way.

Remote assistance

Comprehensive solution for the interaction with experts, supervisors, clients or suppliers, sharing video and audio in real time and with multiple tools, such as Augmented Reality, which facilitate support and assistance in the execution of activities remotely, without costs or travel, and generating evidences of all the work carried out.

Digital instructions

Comprehensive solution that allows the design of all the processes of the organization in a simple way, so that whoever executes them, receives assistance in their task wherever they are. Step-by-step digital instructions, check-list and real-time monitoring of active processes, achieving a 15% improvement in execution time and 20% in efficiency.

Assistance and support to the employee, client and supplier

Use cases

Support in execution

Increases efficiency in maintenance, assembly, production, quality tasks ... by supporting the execution of processes and / or connecting with a remote expert.  

Occupational safety

Guarantee remote monitoring in risky activities, verification of working conditions, remote audits, safety visits and work permits ...

Customer experience

Improve customer service by responding and supporting their needs, without traveling, with guided processes or access to a remote expert. SAT services or remote FAT tests.

Premium Service

Offer your clients a premium service for assistance in the execution of their processes or connection with experts, with traceability of the actions carried out.

Field Service connected

Ensure the assistance of your employees in their field operations and homogenize processes, improving analytics and monitoring of your team.


Combine the advantages of both solutions

Shorter response times

Reduced travel and costs

Improved traceability and monitoring of work

Generation of evicence

Remote validations

Premium customer service

Increase in productivity

Elimination of paper

Support and training

Improved quality and fewer errors

Access to IT-OT Information

Process information in real time

Process standarization

Collaborative work

Better analysis of information

Quick response

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