In Zerintia Technologies we offer companies and organizations a complete range of services related to wearable technologies.

Our range of options allows one to establish an overall strategy of wearable mobile devices and incorporate them in business processes to be more efficient and more competitive, as well as reducing costs:

  • Consultancy

  • We help businesses to transform through the immense possibilities provided by wearable technology being applied to the business realm. We analyze the current processes of your company and we adapt them or improve upon them to obtain a more competitive edge.
  • Development and Integration

  • We design and develop advanced applications that exploit opportunities based on wearable devices and we integrate them with ERP, CRM, EIM, MES, and more. . We create new systems that increase productivity, workplace safety, and communication, and at the same time reduce operational costs.
  • Software Licensing

  • Our out-of-the-box solutions such as live streaming, certification, and smart drones, allow licensing of these applications to be integrated with current solutions.
  • Wearable Hardware prototypes

  • We provide tailored solutions in the area of wearable devices, analyzing your necessities and designing prototypesto test concepts so they can be validated before being put into production.
  • Pay-as-you-go solutions

  • We offer pay-as-you-go wearable technology solutions ready to increase your business and your abilities. We reduce your capex and adapt your opex to your current and future needs, without a large initial investment and no risk — you only pay for what you use.
  • Co-creation of Assets

  • We join together with your company as a partner, sharing the risks and profits of opportunities that require a partner that is a strategic and technological expert in wearable solutions. If you have an idea or a product that you want to test and exploit, we can help you. We take risks together.

Zerintia Technologies transforms businesses and processes in the following industries:
  • Healthcare

  • Discover how the most important health care agents, both public and private are addressing the wearable technology revolution applied to the healthcare sector, its advantages, new patient and client services, the improvement in patient care, and the new and advanced possibilities of integration within hospital management systems.All of this and much more is what is being done in the sector that is most actively pushing the implementation of wearable technology solutions.

  • Industria

  • The window of opportunity to get onboard with Industry 4.0, as supported by the European Union among others, is open, and we can help to show them how to increase productivity and workplace safety by integrating wearable technologies into their MES, ERP, or EIM systems. Think of the possibilities that arise when we put all industrial computing within workers’ reach while keeping their hands free to work, or what it would mean to be able to interact with their machines and robots in real time using a device like Google Glass.

  • Retail

  • Large manufacturers of technology and analysts from all around the globe agree that the use of wearable devices will grow substantially among consumers. New forms of bidirectional communication are being opened with customers (and potential customers) with contextualized and personalized dialogues, and with new, very valuable information, thus improving consumers’ knowledge of their likes and needs. The new beaconing technology is the key, and wearable devices are the means of communication with every consumer.The integration of this new ecosystem with its CRM, BI, or Big Data will allow you to take more advantage of your company’s analytical intelligence.

  • Logistic

  • From picking-by-vision to last mile productivity, going through the improvement in processes like the delivery of merchandise or inventory, the whole supply chain of a business can be streamlined by wearable technologies integrated into corporate information systems. If it is a logistics operator, a distributor, or manufacturer whose supply chain processes are critical to its business, then we encourage them to consider the potential for improvement that wearable technology can offer.

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