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Here are some of the technological solutions developed by Zerintia Technologies for business and health improvement and optimization:

Process & Incident Management

Our Process & Incident Management is a solution that allows us to optimize the management of business processes and their impact. The wearable devices allow us to define processes, set tasks and increase the potential of employees and workers.


The iBeacons geolocation technology provides machinery, materials and operators. In this way it is possible to increase the process productivity, safety and control staff, legally certifying activities, reduce time and costs, improve response to incidents, standardize protocols and QA, etc.






Adherence to medical treatment and health monitoring

The current technology offers new and effective solutions to problems we were not able to resolve before. Undoubtedly, one of these cases is the implementation of Wearable devices to improve adherence to medical treatment for chronic patients, while promoting the incorporation of healthy habits.

The poor adherence to treatment produces a huge increase in treatment failure and higher rates of hospitalization. This results in an exponential increase in healthcare costs. All these data clearly show the urgent need to implement effective solutions to these serious problems. And it is precisely at that point where we can harness the power of the revolutionary Wearable technology.




wearable Logistics (wLogistics ®)

We care about helping businesses to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology and gain competitive advantage as a result. So again we have become pioneers in launching the concept of wLogistics to the market. Thus we get exponentially improve efficiency in processes such as incoming goods, picking and inventory.


This solution consists of the use of the enormous advantages that involve the application of Geolocation technologies, beacons and Wearable Augmented Reality (AR) devices in logistics processes (Pick by vision, WareHouse Vision (WV), etc.)




"Prevention of Risk at Work" App Management System

During 2013 there were 468 030 accidents reported in Spain. During 2014 the total number of accidents in time work grew from the previous year -something that has not happened since 2007- by 3.2% and 1.6% in the case of fatal accidents.

Our solution to prevent occupational hazards "Occupational Risk Prevention App (ORPA)" allows you to monitor the worker when going to perform a task that carries some risk. We designed the app for Smart Watches and from the configuration screen and Dashboard, we can define the ranges for each worker or leave the default limits for keystrokes, which will be based on age, sex and history of the person. You can also define the parameters of what action to perform in case of alarm. With this app we aim to expedite the prompt attention of accidents in the workplace and / or prevent accidents by launching alerts to the worker or the workplace based on established limits.


Alerts & Notifications Platform

Alarms & Notifications Platform is an excellent solution that Zerintia offers to optimally manage alerts and notifications through wearable devices.


The sophisticated technology offered by these new devices guarantees the monitoring and transmission of information more intelligently and comfortably. This allows us to significantly improve the quality of security protocols of any organization, generating more efficient and rapid response in case of emergency.





Wearable Health (wHealth ®)

wHealth is a pioneering solution developed by Zerintia. Said Framework uses the enormous advantages of wearable technology to improve the health of people, as well as processes and organizations working in the health field.

It integrates seamlessly with the hospital management software: Insurance, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Invoicing, logistics, personnel management, administration of admissions, financial management, CRM processes, HR ... etc. For this, we have created a series of interfaces for SmartGlasses, Smart Watches and Health bracelets from which the various technicians and patients can interact with the platform. Each module is designed based on the competencies of each professional and needs of each patient.





Other Solutions



The Retail business is starting to experience a revolutionary change thanks to advances in Big Data and to the opportunities provided by new devices like wearables and Beacons. When we talk about Big Data, we refer both to the accumulation of large-scale data as sophisticated ways to search for recurring patterns in them. The Beacons are geolocation Bluetooth beacons.



A platform for rescue, emergencies, and support in natural disasters, supported by wearable technology (Smart Glasses), smart clothes and drones, with the co-operation and advice of the Red Cross.


Smart Drones

We provide drones with intelligent systems through wearable technology, tracking systems, augmented reality, and Way Points. We integrate these devices in Smart Glasses (Vuzix, BT-200 Epson, etc.) and other wearable devices (MYO, etc.).

MiddleWear: Integration of wearable technology

Platform and architecture that facilitates the incorporation and communication of wearable devices through the use of a common language, such as WeML ® (Wearable Markup Language).

Smart Watch Platform

Smartwatch Weartech® is a platform that allows for easy, native development on smart watches (Apple Watch, Gear S, and Android Wear) for marketing purposes (wearable marketing), development of business applications, and watch apps.


A platform with different modules to manage trips, as well as visit a city or museum in a different way through Google Glass, SpaceGlasses, Smartphones, or Tablets.

Biosensor GEALZ ®

A new biometric device for Google Glass designed by Zerintia Technologies that allows vital signs to be monitored (body temperature, pulse, and oxygen saturation), as well as air temperature, it additionally incorporates a speaker in real time.


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