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At Zerintia Technologies we are leaders in the development of solutions based on Wearable Technology and Internet of Things (IoT) applied to business processes and healthcare environments. We have a passion for a job well done and to have our technology improve the lives of people and make organizations more efficient. Wearable Technology Specialist. Consequently, our end is not technology as such, but turning our clients’ projects and aims into a reality. Our credentials:
    ·We are among the top 25 brands worldwide which have the greatest influence on Wearable Technology (Onalytica study)More info.
    · We have our very own technology, WearTech which enables us to integrate wearable technology with business processes quick
    · We have devoted nearly two decades to the development of software and ERP and CRM integration, we have designed technology for important organizations and large corporations.
    · Our team has proven experienced professionals. They have faced challenges and know how to bring down barriers in order to successfully carry out any project.
    · We have agreements and a close working relationship with most new generation device makers who are market leaders, such as: Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Vuzix, Intel, etc.
    · We are experts in developing applications for the most advanced devices, such as Hololens, Vuzix, MYO, Smart Watches, HexoSkin, etcnd we have a large number of these on the market.
    · Because our daily challenge is to make our greatest effort towards a job well done and customer satisfaction.

  • What is Zerintia?

  • We are a company specializing in software development and consulting for Wearable Technology & IoT. Our experience and creativity, along with the passion, dedication and expertise of the team Zerintia manage to make any application possible.

  • Our challenge is to develop applications which will change businesses and functional areas. Using the most cutting edge technologies on the market.. We are able to do this through the development of Wearable Computing software and Internet of Things.  


The team at Zerintia Technologies is made up of people with a passion for technology and a job well done. A successful team is not put together overnight: we have had years of training, improving processes and growing as individuals. We fully devote ourselves to each of our projects, making its aims our goal, committing ourselves to excellence and customer satisfaction in the development of computer consulting applications and services. 

  • Pedro Diezma
  • Chairman & Founder
  • Kepa Sagastabeitia
  • CEO
  • Alejandro André
  • CTO


  • Alvaro Alonso
  • IT Manager
  • Thomas Trujillo
  • IT Architect & Systems Manager
  • Fredy Ugariza
  • Wearable & Backend Developer
  • Ismael Bargos
  • Wearable & Backend Developer


  • Alejandro Lorenzo
  • Wearable & IoT Developer
  • Miguel Rodríguez
  • Wearable & IoT Developer
  • Rodrigo Urdiales
  • Unity Developer
  • Armando Montes
  • Drones & 3D Printer Expert


  • Jonás Najera
  • Event Manager & CM


    Zerintia Commitment y CSR

    Zerintia is committed to developing its strategy, business philosophy and CSR principles established by the UN (September 2015) for an ideal world stage in 2030. Of the 17 defined goals, we will focus our ideas, expertise and projects in the following: "Securing healthy lives," "improve innovation and infrastructure" and "Sustainable Cities and Communities" . More information: http://www.globalgoals.org









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